For your
once-in-a lifetime

How to enjoy Tandem Trip

Sightseeing by tandem bike

In the tandem trip, we introduce two types of courses carefully selected by the staff, such as a power spot tour course that fulfills your wishes that you can go around from the store in 2 hours and a course that tours the good old Arashiyama cityscape and World Heritage sites. You can see the course from your smartphone.

Riding in a group

Cycling in a group is the real fun of tandem bikes.We are here for your once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Tandem Trip originals

Tandem Trip rental bikes are environmentally friendly original models.Our bike models are designed to cater to tourists' every needs.


Retal fees:
2 hours ① or ②: 3,300 yen (tax included)
Please refer to the Terms of Service.
Rental hours:
2-hour package ① or ②
①10:00 - 13:00
②14:00 - 17:00
* Enjoy 2 hours within the time shown on the left
Insurance coverage
Bodily injury liability: 100 million yen
Propety damage liability: 100 million yen
* The city ordinance mandates all bicycle users to have bicycle liability insurance. Those who do not have private bicycle insurance are required to purchase this insurance.


Address     : 35-3 Sagatenryuji
Tsukurimichi-cho Ukyo-ku,Kyoto
616-8384 Located in eXcafe, Arashiyama

e-mail address : 

Business hours : 9:30 - 17:30


Confirm the details on the web screen or call/email us for rental details.
Yes. Please make a reservation under the main front seat navigator.
Reservations can be made online up to 2 months in advance.
Yes, we recommend making a reservation in advance due to limited bike availability.
Please contact us for cancellation or change.
The cancellation due to bad weather does not incur any cancellation fee. Please note that your reservation may be cancelled for your safety in case a weather warning is issued on the rental day. Please refer to the Term of Service for details.
The damages will be covered if you list your bike partner to be covered when you sign up for the insurance.
Please contact the store in such instances. You may be asked to pay an extra charge for the late return.